God deals mysteriously with me!

May 29,2018
God deals mysteriously with me!
(Alexander Smellie, “The Secret Place” 1907)


“Your path led through the sea, Your way through the mighty waters–though Your footprints were not seen!” Psalm 77:19 Just so, God deals mysteriously with me. His footsteps, His judgments, His methods, are often untrackable, like the untried sea. What though I cannot comprehend all His winding mazes? It is enough that He comprehends. I rest in His wise-heartedness and love.I know that if He surrounds me with change, He gives me a hold on what is permanent and stable. Every breath of wind, every passing shadow, every ray of sun, alters the sea. And, meanwhile, by God’s will, nothing in my life continues unchangeable. The very mutableness of things, drives me into closer communion with Himself. Standing on the Rock of Ages, I am rooted in an element that is indestructible.

I know that if He permits me to be assailed by storm, He can keep my heart in peace. It is His decree that I am driven hither and thither over moonless waters by contrary winds. But the certainty is mine, that He makes all things to work together for my good.

He is my holy Father, my unerring Father, my Father of immeasurable grace. He makes no mistakes now, and, by and by He will bring me to His house not made with hands, where I will sing with everlasting joy!
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  1. Having read short portions of AJ’s book I found the new direction of both Spiritual and Godly truths to be so effectively recognized and experienced by her daily life. More than just a manual of ‘how and what’ to do. More than a quotation of Scriptures. But rather a beautiful blending of God’s Will and Word as lived and experienced by one individual and the powerful uplifting outcome that came as a result of her trials.

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