Divine Sympathy…

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(by John MacDuff)

“I know their sorrows.” Exodus 3:7

Man cannot say so. There are many sensitive
fibers in the soul the best and most tender
human sympathy cannot touch.

But the Prince of Sufferers, He who led the
way in the path of sorrow, “knows our frame.”

When crushing bereavement lies like ice on the
heart, when the dearest earthly friend cannot
enter into the peculiarities of our grief, Jesus
can, Jesus does!

He who once bore my sins also carried my sorrows.

That eye, now on the throne, was once dim with weeping!

I can think in all my afflictions, “He was
afflicted,” in all my tears, “Jesus wept.”

“I know their sorrows!”

He may seem at times thus to forget and forsake
us; leaving us to utter the plaintive cry, “Has God
forgotten to be gracious,” when all the while He
is bending over us in the most tender love.

He often allows our needs to attain their extremity,
that He may stretch forth His supporting hand, and
reveal the plenitude of His Grace!

“The Lord is very pitiful and of tender mercy.”

He “puts our tears in a bottle.” (Psalm 61:8)

Each one is counted, drop by drop, tear by tear,
they are sacred things among the treasures of God!

Suffering believer, the iron may have entered deeply
into your soul; yet rejoice! Great is your honor; you
are partaker with Christ in His sufferings. Jesus, a
sorrowing, sympathizing Jesus, “knows” your aching
pangs and burning tears, and He will “come down to
deliver you!”

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