The everlasting arms

The everlasting arms
(J. R. Miller, “In Perfect Peace“)

So frail is human strength, though behind it is tenderest, truest love. All that love can do, all that money can do, all that skill can do—avail nothing. Human arms may clasp us very firmly, yet their clasp cannot keep us from the power of disease—or from the cold hand of death.

But the love and strength of God are everlasting. Nothing can ever separate us from Him! An Old Testament promise reads: “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” Deuteronomy 33:27. If we are stayed upon the eternal God, nothing ever can disturb us—for nothing can disturb Him on whom we are reposing. If we are held in the clasp of His everlasting arms—we need not fear that we shall ever be separated from the enfolding.

The position of the everlasting arms in this picture is suggestive—”Underneath.” They are always underneath us. No matter how low we sink—in weakness, in faintness, in pain, in sorrow—we never can sink below these everlasting arms! We never can drop out of their clasp!

…evermore, in the deepest floods, the everlasting arms will be underneath the feeblest, most imperiled child of God. Sorrow is very deep—but in the greatest grief, these everlasting arms of love are underneath the sufferer. Then when death comes, and every earthly support is gone from beneath us, when every human arm unclasps, and every face of love fades from before our eyes, and we sink away into what seems darkness and the shadow of death—we shall only sink into the everlasting arms underneath us!

The word “are,” must not be overlooked—”Underneath are the everlasting arms.” This is one of the wonderful present tenses of the Bible. To every trusting believer, to you who today are reading these words and trying to learn the lesson, God says, “Underneath you are now, this moment, every moment, the everlasting arms!”

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2 responses to “The everlasting arms

  1. I so appreciate these thoughts. With a permanent “thorn in my flesh” (permanent back pain) I do not sleep well. Sooo, I wake up groggy and un refreshed every day. I’ve made a habit of pushing through, but it is tiring. Like right now, even though I went to bed early and was in bed for 8-81/2 hours, my head is throbbing and I’m ready to fall back asleep. Yet, there is life and a big deadline on my plate today that I cannot ignore. Being reminded that God’s strong arms ARE UNDERNEATH me was of great encouragement. it gave me relief that I can do what I need to do because of HIM. HIS strength. HIS arms. HIS abilities. It is all not resting on my shoulders. What a relief. But first, a quick nap so my head will stop ringing! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, aj! -CH

  2. Hi CH,
    I so understand the permanent ‘thorn in the flesh’ and these devotionals help me to remember who is UNDERNEATH me to give me the daily strength I need. I really appreciate knowing they are encouraging to others and it helps me to keep on, keeping on. Praying your nap will help and you will get your deadline completed! Thanks for the encouraging words! aj

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