Bring them here…Part 1

(From Octavius Winslow’s, “Bring him unto
Me; or, Help and Salvation Only in Christ”)

Oh, never did Jesus evince His love to you as now!

“Bring him here unto ME.” Matthew 17:17

It is the highest as the sweetest privilege of
the believer to bring all to Jesus; to come,
bearing the burden, unveiling the grief,

disclosing the need to Jesus.

Let us endeavor to strengthen and encourage
you, my reader, in this holy and helpful privilege
of bringing [all] to Jesus…

Imagine the Lord addressing these words to you,
“Bring it here unto me.” The invitation, perhaps,
finds you in deep need, in overwhelming distress,
at a critical crisis of your history. Human power
has proved helpless, plans futile, and you are

at your wits’ end…

It is His glory to step in and achieve a work and
bestow a blessing when all human power and
resources have failed. He loves to unlock His
treasury when man’s is utterly exhausted. …

In a word, Jesus bids you bring all to Him….
your depression and despondency,
the sadness of your heart,
the anxieties of your mind,
the wounds of friends,
the calumnies of foes,
the assaults of man…

All, all He invites to the asylum of His
love, to the arm of His power, and to
the fulness of His sufficiency.

And now, in the deepest, tenderest sympathy
with your blighted hopes, your wounded affections,
your disappointed plans, He would sincerely uplift
the flower crushed and trampled in the dust, and,
bathing it in the dew of His grace, place it in His
sheltering bosom, to freshen and to bloom forever
beneath the warm sunshine of His smile.

  ~  ~  ~  ~