Spiritual chemistry…

“But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on His law he meditates day and night.” Psalm 1:2

William Bates: “Meditation is the serious exercise of the mind, whereby our thoughts are fixed on the observation of spiritual things, in order to practice them. Meditation is that spiritual chemistry which turns all metals into gold!

Arthur Pink: “Reader! You will derive far more benefit from a single verse of Scripture read slowly and prayerfully, and duly meditated upon–than you will from ten chapters read through hurriedly! Meditation is nearly a lost art. Lack of meditation is at the root of most of our spiritual troubles.”

Edmund Calamy: “The reason why all the sermons we hear do us no more good, is for lack of divine meditation. For it is with sermons as it is with food–it is not having food upon your​ ​table that will nourish you, but you must eat it. And you must not only eat it, but digest it–or else your food will do you no good.
So it is with sermons: it is not hearing sermons that will do you good, but pondering in your hearts what you hear, and digesting them by meditation. One sermon well digested, well meditated upon–is better than twenty sermons without meditation! I am confident the great reason why we have so many hunger-starved Christians who are lean in grace and lean in practice, though they hear sermon upon sermon–is because they digest nothing. They never ponder and meditate upon what they hear! ​…
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  1. This expressed exactly how I have been feeling in the modern day church and in my speaking ministry. People come, they sit, they go home, they do nothing with what they have heard. The apathy is obvious and utterly discouraging to me, and a tool of the evil one to keep us from being vibrant, engaged, salt of the earth for the Gospel. I would wager to say most people cannot remember what the Sunday sermon was about by the time they get home for lunch and it’s topic is gone by sundown. I’m guilty at times too! We will not be accountable to God for the vast spiritual riches we have in this country? Thank you for sharing!

  2. Your comment is so true of the church today…and most of us at times. We all need reminders. I think of those in other countries who would give everything to have a Bible of their own and most of us have several. They drink on each message and even meet at great risk to their lives. How sad that we take our freedom with such little care at times when others KNOW what it means to meditate because they have little else! Thanks for your comment. aj

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