God’s glorious attributes are yours!

All of His glorious attributes and perfections are yours! 
(William Nicholson, “Pearls of Great Price!”)

It is the privilege of Christians to say, “For this God is our God for ever and ever! He will be our guide even to the end!” Psalm 48:14

The believer is also called an heir of God, which implies that he is entitled, through grace, to all that the Infinite Jehovah possesses, so far as shall be needful to make him completely and eternally happy.

God is . . .
an infinite Being,
without bounds to His essence,
wonderful in His actions,
inconceivable in His purposes,
and inexpressible in His attributes.

He is . . .
infinitely more than worlds in Himself;
too high for our speculations, and
too majestic for our descriptions–yet
He is the God of all His redeemed people!

Christians, rejoice that this God is yours!

All of His glorious attributes and perfections are yours!

His mercy is yours . . .
to save you,
to remove your guilt, and
to sympathize with you in times of distress.

His wisdom is yours . . .
to provide for you,
to counsel you, and
to direct all things for your good.

His omnipotence is yours . . .
to guard and protect you in the hour of danger,
to support you in every conflicting scene, and
to preserve you unto His heavenly kingdom.

His goodness is yours . . .
to supply all your needs,
to enrich you with the best of blessings, and
to grant you unfading happiness in the mansions of glory.

His omniscience is yours . . .
to behold you in every situation, adverse or prosperous;
to foresee all the attacks your adversaries intend to make upon you;
and to provide for your present and everlasting security.

His omnipresence is yours–therefore He has said:
“In six troubles I will be with you, and in seven I will not forsake you.”
“I will never leave you nor ever forsake you.”
“Lo! I am with you always, even to the end of the world.”

His justice is yours . . .
to fulfill all covenant engagements,
to reward you with a dwelling-place in the realms of bliss,
to punish all those hostile powers incessantly opposing you.

His immutability is the rock of your security, and the source of your unspeakable joy!

His faithfulness is yours, as the pledge for the accomplishment of all those exceeding great and precious promises to those who believe.

This God is really your own, and entirely your own, and eternally your own!

Oh! the happiness of the Christian, in having the Lord for his God!
Rejoice and say, “The Lord is my portion, therefore will I hope in Him!”

How great is the condescension of God, in becoming the eternal portion of such worthless worms!

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