The Scriptures


“There is not a condition into which a child of God can fall, but there is a direction and rule in the Word, in some measure suitable thereunto.” Thomas Gouge

The Bible is a stable, infallible revelation of God’s mind and will.” John Owen

“Apply the commands and warnings of Scripture to yourself, as if God had delivered them to you by name.” Thomas Gouge

“We must be careful to read Scripture, hear it, lodge it in our hearts, and apply it close to our conscienced. Then it will be profitable to our hearts.” Robert Harris

“Though men’s hearts were as hard as rocks, the Word is a hammer which can break them!” Edward Reynolds

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2 responses to “The Scriptures

  1. Wonderful! Too often we forget and forego the perfection of God’s Truth found in His Word. In the absence of our Father’s infallible words we find ourselves indulging in the foolishness of man. Thanx for the reminder aj!

    1. This is a daily reminder for me. You are so correct that we will indulge in the foolishness of man without His Word! Thanks for your comment! aj

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