Daily grace!

Daily grace!
From Spurgeon’s sermon, “The Tenses”

Yesterday, God was very gracious to me;
tomorrow he will be very gracious to me;
and the same will be true the next day, and the next day,
and the next day, until there shall be no more days,
and time shall be swallowed up in eternity.

Between here and heaven, every minute that
the Christian lives will be a minute of grace.

From here to the throne of the Highest, you will have to be
continually supplied with new grace from the Lord who sits
on high.

Dear brother, you will never live a truly holy,
happy, blessed day, except by divine grace.

You never think a right thought, never do a right act,
you never make any advance heavenward except by grace.

I like to think that it is so, that every day I am a
monument of mercy; that every day a fresh display of
sovereign grace is made to me;
every day my Father feeds me,
every day my Savior cleanses me,
every day the Comforter sustains me.

Every day, new manifestations of the lovingkindness of the Lord
break forth upon my wondering soul, and give me fresh visions
of his miraculous love.

I could not find another word to express what I wanted to say,
that one seemed to leap into my mouth just then-
his ‘miraculous’ love!
And so it is, miracle-working love, making the Christian’s life
to be a series of miracles, at which angels shall gaze
forever in astonished adoration of the amazing love of God
to guilty men.

So I reckon that we may go onward with great confidence;
for, although every day will bring dangers,
every day will also witness divine deliverances.

~  ~  ~  ~