The great Sympathizer!

The great Sympathizer!
(David Harsha, “The Savior’s Ministry”)

“Jesus wept!”  John 11:35

The Son of God, the Creator of the universe, the Lord of glory — in tears! 

Amazing sight!

How plainly do those tears show the tenderness of Jesus! And how animating for the mourner in Zion to think that the heart of Jesus now that He reigns in glory — is still full of sympathy and full of love for His suffering disciples in this valley of tears! 

Oh, this is a sweet, a delightful thought!

Weeping believer, you whose tears are flowing — come to Jesus for sympathy, and tell Him all your grief.

He has words of comfort for you — precious promises.

He can console you as none else can.

He is the same in all ages — the same yesterday, today, and forever. The eye that dropped its tears at the tomb of Lazarus — will be fixed upon you in all the scenes of anguish through which you may be called to pass before reaching the bright world of everlasting joy.

Remember that He who is now seated on the throne of Heaven, radiant in celestial glory — was once afflicted on earth, that He might know how to sympathize with you in the hour your unutterable anguish.

Oh, rejoice that you have so sympathizing a Friend, who is ready to mitigate your grief, and to conduct you to those happy mansions, where God shall wipe away all tears from your eyes.

Who can tell how great is the sympathy of the Son of God, who came from the bosom of the Father — from the unapproachable splendor of Heaven — to bear our infirmities, to lighten our burdens, to wipe the tears from our eyes, and to turn our sorrows into everlasting joys?

Always view Jesus as the great Sympathizer of His disciples — and in the time of your keenest anguish, look to Him for compassion and relief.

He will regard your cries of misery. Yes, He whose heart felt and bled for sinners, will speak soothingly to you, and give you a foretaste of Heaven, even in a world of tribulation.

Oh, the ineffable compassion of our blessed Redeemer!

In seasons of devout retirement, let us often muse on these affecting words: “Jesus wept!”

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  1. What a wonderful reminder aj…Our Lord wept! HE knows ALL our hurts and harms and He lived in this world so that He could fully feel our pain and suffering. He also overcame this world and in that we have His hope.

    1. You are correct…such a comfort for us and especially knowing He suffered so much more than He ever asks of us. This helps us get through the difficult days we sometimes suffer. Thanks for sharing! aj

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