Most profitable reading…

The practice of truth is the most profitable reading of it! 
(Charles Spurgeon)

“Immediately they forsook their nets, and followed Him.” Mark 1:18

When Simon and Andrew heard the call of Jesus, they obeyed immediately and without hesitation.

In the same way, if we would always punctually and with resolute zeal put in practice what we hear–then our attendance at preaching, and our reading of Scripture and good books, could not fail to enrich us spiritually.

He will not lose his bread, who has taken care at once to eat it. Neither can you be deprived of the benefit of the teaching you read or hear, if you immediately put it into practice.

Most readers and hearers become moved so far as to purpose to amend. But, alas! their resolution is a blossom which never buds, and therefore no fruit comes of it. They wait, they waver, and then they forget.

That fatal tomorrow is blood-red with the murder of fair resolutions! 

We are very concerned that our little book of devotions should not be fruitless, and therefore we pray that readers may not be readers only–but doers of the Word.

The practice of truth is the most profitable reading of it! Should the reader be impressed with any duty while perusing these devotionals, let him hasten to fulfill it before the holy glow has departed from his soul. Do not give place to the devil by delay! Hasten while opportunity and desire are in happy conjunction. Happy is the writer who shall meet with readers resolved to carry out his teachings–his harvest shall be a hundredfold, and his Master shall have great honor. Would to God that such might be our reward upon these brief devotional meditations. Grant it, O Lord, unto your servant!

“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says!” James 1:22

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4 responses to “Most profitable reading…

  1. AMEN! Good reminder aj….We must LIVE not just LISTEN to ALL of God’s perfect Truth.

  2. This is so true of hearing preaching on Sundays also! How many times have we forgotten what the sermon was about by supper time! I think you posted a devotional about that also. To merely sit in church Sunday after Sunday and not discuss, meditate on, and practice what we hear is so completely fruitless that, unless each believer acts of what they learn, we will quickly become a fat, dead church, of no use to our generation. I fear my accountability in a land of religious freedom.

    1. Yes, I have posted similar devotionals on this topic…it is such a good reminder for me and I hope for others. Thank you for sharing! aj

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