Some benefits of sickness and affliction…

Some benefits of sickness and affliction
(J.C. Ryle)

Sickness helps . . .
to remind men of death,
to make men think seriously of God, and their souls, and the world to come,
to soften men’s hearts, and teach them wisdom,
to…humble us,
to try men’s religion, of what sort it is.

The storms of winter often bring out the defects in a man’s dwelling. In the same way, sickness often exposes the gracelessness of a man’s soul. Surely anything that makes us find out the real character of our faith, is a good thing.

Sicknesses, losses, crosses, anxieties and disappointments–seem absolutely needful to keep us humble, watchful and spiritual-minded. They are as needful as the pruning knife to the vine; and the refiner’s furnace to the gold.

There is no commentary that opens up the Bible, so much as sickness and sorrow!

There are no lessons so useful–as those learned in the school of affliction.

By affliction, God . . .
shows us our emptiness and weakness,
draws us to the throne of grace,
purifies our affections,
weans us from the world,
and makes us long for Heaven!

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