Humility is the most beautiful of all the Christian graces, as well as the most rare of all the Christian graces.

Humility is the only fitting response of the creature to its God.

Humility, the place of entire dependence on God, is the first duty and the highest virtue of the creature.

Humility is the cardinal virtue and distinguishing feature of the disciple of Jesus.

Meekness and lowliness of heart are the chief marks by which those who follow the meek and lowly Lamb of God are to be known.

Humility is the only root from which the graces can grow.

Humility is the most difficult of all virtues to achieve.
Nothing dies harder, that the desire to think well of oneself.

Humility is the only ladder to honor in God’s kingdom.

True humility counts itself nothing, rejoices in becoming and being counted the least, and only seeks, like Jesus, to be the servant, the helper and comforter of others, even the lowest and unworthiest.

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  1. I need to print this out and read it regularly. Like daily. What a beautiful attribute to desire and follow–to be more like Him, our precious Savior, who alone deserves our love and commitment. Thanks, as always, for sharing these treasured gems.

    1. YES!!! Amen to your statement re reading it daily. Thanks for your encouragement to keep posting the gems! aj

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