Thoughts for meditation…

(Richard Sibbes)

Some things to meditate on daily:

1. The greatness and goodness of Almighty God and His love to us in Christ.

2. The uncertainty of our lives, and the certainty of death.

3. The last and strict day of account.

4. The joys of Heaven and the torments of Hell.

5. The vanity of all earthly things.

6. That sin is not so sweet in the committing of it, as it is bitter in the reckoning of it.

7. That there is more mercy in Christ, than sin in us.

8. That poverty and affliction take away the fuel that feeds pride.

9. That it is better to go afflicted to Heaven, than merry to Hell.

10. That those who desire to be happy in Heaven, must first be holy on earth!

~  ~  ~  ~