Spiritual Joys…

(Thomas Watson, “Body of Divinity“)

The gleanings of spiritual joys,
are better than the vintage of the worldly joys.

Spiritual joys help to make us BETTER they are

cordial medicine, which not only comforts, but purifies
it makes a Christian more holy;
it causes an antipathy against sin;
it infuses strength to live and suffer for Christ.
the joys of God and not only refresh the soul—
but strengthen it.  “The joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Spiritual joys are INWARD, they are heart joys.
“Your heart shall rejoice.” True joy is hidden within;
spiritual joy lies most within. “Your heart shall rejoice.”

Divine joy is like a spring of water, which runs underground.
Others can see the sufferings of a Christian—but
they cannot see his joy. he has joyful music which
others cannot hear—the best joy is within the heart.

Spiritual joys are SWEETER than worldly joys.
“Your love is sweeter than wine!” Spiritual joys are
a Christian’s festival; they are the golden pot, and
the sweet manna. They are so sweet, that they make
everything else sweet! Spiritual joys sweeten health
and estate, as sweet water poured on flowers makes
them more fragrant and aromatic. Divine joys are so
delicious and ravishing, that they put our mouth out
of taste for earthly delights;

Spiritual joys are more PURE; they are not tempered
with any bitter ingredients and are not muddied with
guilt—but like a crystal stream, they run pure. Spiritual
joy is a rose without prickles; it is honey without wax.

Spiritual joys are SATISFYING joys. “Ask, that your
joy may be full.”  the joys of God satisfy.

“Your comforts delight my soul.” Psalm 94:19.
Spiritual joys are STRONG joys.
“Strong consolation.” Heb 6:18. They are strong joys
indeed, which can bear up a Christian’s heart in trials
and afflictions. “Having received the word in much
affliction—with joy.” These joys are roses which grow

in winter! These joys can sweeten the bitter waters of
Marah! He who has these joys—can gather grapes from
thorns, and fetch honey out of the carcass of a lion…a
Christian tastes honey! “As sorrowing—yet always rejoicing.”

Spiritual joys are ABIDING joys…they are a blossom of eternity

—a pledge of those rivers of pleasure which run at God’s right
hand! “In Your presence is abundant joy; in Your right hand are
eternal pleasures!” Psalm 16:11

If God gives His people such joy in this life, oh! then, what
glorious joy will He give them in heaven! “Enter into the joy
of your Lord!” God keeps His best wine until last. What joy
will that be—when the soul shall forever bathe itself in the
pure and pleasant fountain of God’s love! What joy will that
be—to see the orient brightness of Christ’s face  How may

this set us all longing for that place where sorrow cannot live
—and where joy cannot die!
~  ~  ~  ~