We are His…

(George Mylne, “Fear Not!” 1854)

“Fear not, you are Mine!” Isaiah 43:1

Child of God, dismiss your doubts; put away your fears.
Jesus says, “Fear not, you are Mine!”
Mine by creation,
Mine by redemption,
Mine by right,
Mine by purchase,
Mine affection,
Mine by choice,
Mine for life,
Mine in death,
Mine for time,
Mine for eternity!”

In all seasons; under all circumstances–you are Christ’s!
Jesus says to you, “Fear not, you are Mine!”

And why does Jesus say, “You are Mine”?
Because He loves you,
because He has chosen you,
because He gave Himself for you,
because He will not part with you!

Will Jesus ever give you up?
Will He ever forget you?
Will He ever hide Himself from your prayers?
Will He ever disregard your tears?
He says, “Fear not, you are Mine!”

Jesus never forget you. He has you in His heart. He has engraved you upon the palms of His hands! (Isaiah 49:15, 16.) He says, “Fear not, you are Mine! Fear not, you shall not be taken from Me. Fear not, I will never forsake you!” His eye is upon you. His affections yearn for you. Oh! the tenderness with which He bends over you, saying, “Fear not, you are Mine!”

When Jesus says, “You are Mine”–do you say,”And I am yours. I am my Beloved’s–and His desire is toward me!” (Song of Solomon 7:10.) This is the way to delight the soul of Jesus. He says to you, “You are Mine!”  Then fear not!

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