Lock your hand in His!

(Octavius Winslow, 1866)

“Our Father in Heaven.” Matthew 6:10

“Father!” It is the language of the believing heart.

Oh, it is a marvelous fact, a stupendous truth — that God should be our Father! Higher than this, the soul cannot rise. Love then reaches its deepest yearnings. Only realize this fact, that God is your Father, and it explains . . .
every chapter of your history,
every event of your life,
every sentiment, feeling,
and desire of your soul.

All that is omnipotent in strength,
all that is profound in wisdom,
all that is tender in sympathy,
all that is rich in infinite plenitude —
is bound up in the endearing epithet, “Father!”

That Father is yours!

You were His child from eternity!

Stupendous thought!

His love to you,
His choice of you,
His purpose to adopt you,
His plan to redeem, sanctify,
and bring you to glory —
are eternal acts of His sovereign grace!

Believe that all that your Father does is for your best; that your highest interests are all in His hands, and in His hands are all secure.

Lock your hand in His, as your little child links its hand with yours — willing to be led, unquestioning, confiding, meekly, just where your Father leads.

~  ~  ~  ~