From where will my next supply come from?…

(Winslow, “The God of Grace”)

“And my God will meet all your needs
according to His glorious riches in
Christ Jesus.” Philip. 4:19

Bring your perplexities to God, and He will guide them.

Bring your needs to God, and He will supply them.

Bring your mountains to God, and He will level them.

Bring your sins to God, and He will forgive them.

Bring your sorrows, trials, and temptations to God,
and He will sustain you under, and will bring you
through them, to the praise and glory of His great
Name, as the “God of all grace.”

Your supplies may be exhausted, but not His fullness.

Your need may press, but there is no pressure on His sufficiency.

Your power may be limited, but His is illimitable.

Your grace may be shallow, but His is fathomless.

And you may ask, “From where will my next supply
come?” while, at the moment that the anxious
question is trembling upon your lip, the supply
that is to silence it is laid up in the inexhaustible
treasures of His grace, and will be sent just at
the moment that will awaken in you the sweetest
song, and yield to Him the richest glory.

~  ~  ~  ~

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