You hold me by my right hand!

You hold me by my right hand!
(James Smith, “The Evening Sacrifice; Or, A Help to Devotion” 1859)

“Nevertheless I am continually with You — You hold me by my right hand.
You will guide me with Your counsel — and afterward receive me to glory!” Psalm 73:23-24

Continually with the Lord! O what a privilege!
Held fast by my right hand! O what a blessing!
Yet, this privilege and this blessing, have all the saints.

Tonight, while I sleep — tonight, while all is dark about me — tonight, while dangers may fly thick around me — my God will be with me, and I shall be with my God. Never did a tender mother watch beside the couch of her sick and dying child with such love, solicitude, and tenderness — as my God will watch by my bedside tonight. Never did a kind father hold the right hand of his timid or feeble son with such care and sympathy — as my God holds me by my right hand. Well, therefore, may I . . .
give myself up to His guidance,
feel safe in His keeping, and
anticipate my entrance into His glory.

Blessed Lord, I love you, I adore you tonight for Your constant presence with me, and Your watchful care over me. You hold my right hand at this moment — O help me to realize it! And teach me by Your persuasive influence, to yield myself constantly to you.

Here, Lord, I put myself into Your hand anew. I no longer wish to choose my own way, but with all my heart say, “You will guide me with Your counsel — and afterward receive me to glory!”

O my Father, guide me through all the trials and temptations that lie in my path. Guide me through all the snares and dangers found in my way. Guide me into truth and holiness, and fill me with Your joy and peace. Guide, O guide me every step of my journey — and safely across the Jordan of death. Then receive me into Your glorious presence, where I shall see Jesus, and enjoy Your love, and rejoice in Your favor forever!

~  ~  ~  ~