My child…

My child,

Lo, I give Myself to you, and all things with Myself.

I will be all to you that you can wish. I will be a
FRIEND to you…you shall have free access to Me,
and liberty to pour out all your heart into Me.

I am the everlasting Father, and I will be a FATHER to you.
Behold, I receive you not as a servant, but as a son to
abide in My house forever. … What would My children
have? Your Father’s heart, His house, His care, His
ear, His bread? These shall all be yours.

You shall have My fatherly affection. My heart I share
with you. My tenderest loves I bestow upon you.
You shall have My fatherly compassion…I will consider
your frame, and not be extreme to mark what is done
amiss by you, but will cover all with the mantle of My
excusing love. I will be your Comforter in your solitude,
your Counselor in your distress.

I will be a PHYSICIAN to you.

I will be a SHEPHERD to you. Do not be afraid of
evil tidings, for I am with you. My rod and My staff
shall comfort you. You shall not lack, for I will feed
you; you shall not wander or be lost, for I will restore
you. I will cause you to lie down in green pastures,
and will lead you beside the still waters. I will gather
you with My arm, carry you in My bosom, and will
lead you softly. I will bind up that which was broken,
and strengthen you when sick. I will watch over My
flock by night. My own eyes shall keep a perpetual
watch by night and by day. I never slumber nor
withdraw My eyes from the righteous.
I will guide you with My eye. I will never trust
you out of My sight.

I will be a HUSBAND to you. In lovingkindness and
mercy I will betroth you unto Myself forever. I will
embrace your interest, and will be as one with you,
and you with Me. … Lo, I have looked upon you, and
put My lovliness upon you. Moreover, I swear unto you,
and enter into covenant with you, and you shall be Mine.
I will be an everlasting portion to you.

Can you fathom your riches or count your own
happiness? Can you grasp immensity, reach
omnipotence, or comprehend eternity? All this
is yours! I will set open all My treasures to you,
and will keep back nothing from you.

I will be a never failing fountain of joy, peace,
and bliss unto you! I will be your God, your Father,
and your Friend…Fear not, for the eternal God
is your refuge, and underneath you are My
everlasting arms. My unsearchable riches shall
be yours. Though all should forsake you, yet I
will not forsake you!

I am your rock and your fortress, your deliverer, your
strength, the horn of your salvation, and your high tower.

I am God Almighty, your almighty Protector, your
almighty Benefactor! My fullness is your treasure.
My house is your home. You may come as freely to
My store as to your own cupboard…You cannot ask
too much; I will give you (or will be Myself to you
instead of) all comforts….I will be more to you than
all riches.

My infiniteness shall be the extent of your
inheritance! I am your inheritance, which no line
can measure, no arithmetic can value, and no
surveyor can describe.

But all this is but a taste of what I have prepared.

You must have but smiles and hints now, and be
content with glimpses and glances here. But you
shall live forever in the fullest views of His glory!

The day of your death shall be the birthday of your glories!

(Joseph Alleine, “The Gospel in a Map”)

2 responses to “My child…

  1. Oh my, this is soooo rich with love and assurance! I love that closing line, “The day of your death shall be the birthday of your glories!” Yes, indeed! We should all keep that in mind. Perhaps I will ask my loved ones to celebrate my Homegoing like a birthday party! Glorious day! Thank you for sharing this! -CH

  2. I’ve thought of asking for balloons at my Homegoing! It really will be the birthday of our glories! Thanks for sharing! aj

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