(Octavius Winslow, “Morning Thoughts”)

Leaning upon her Beloved.” Solomon’s Song 8:5

What more appropriate, what more soothing truth
could we bring before you, suffering Christian,
than this?

You are sick—lean upon Jesus. His sick ones are
peculiarly dear to His heart. You are dear to Him.
In all your pains and languishings, faintings and
lassitude, Jesus is with you; for He created that
frame, He remembers that it is but dust, and He
bids you lean upon Him, and leave your sickness
and its outcome entirely in His hands.

You are lonely—lean upon Jesus. Sweet will be the
communion and close the fellowship which you may
thus hold with Him, your heart burning within you
while He talks with you by the way.

Is the ascent steep and difficult?
Lean upon your Beloved.

Is the path strait and narrow?
Lean upon your Beloved.

Do intricacies and perplexities and trials weave their
network around your feet? Lean upon your Beloved.

Has death smitten down the strong arm and chilled
the tender heart upon which you were used to recline?
Lean upon your Beloved.

Oh! lean upon Jesus . . .
in every difficulty,
in every need,
in every sorrow,
in every temptation.

Nothing is too insignificant, nothing too
lowly, to take to Christ. He loves to have
you quite near to Him, to hear your voice,
and to feel the confidence of your faith
and the pressure of your love.

Always remember that there is a place in
the heart of Christ sacred to you, and which
no one can fill but yourself, and from which
none may dare exclude you. On that bosom
you, beloved, may repose, soothed, supported,
and sheltered by your Savior and your Lord.