To whom would we go?

“Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words
of eternal life!”
 John 6:68

Where, indeed, could we turn . . .
for peace of heart,
for satisfaction of conscience,
for hope in the world to come,
–if we turn away from Jesus?

To whom, indeed, shall we go for helpstrength,
and comfort–if we turn our backs on Christ?

We live in a world of troubles, whether we like it or
not. Our bodies are liable to a thousand ailments,
and our hearts to a thousand sorrows. No creature
on earth is so vulnerable, and so capable of intense
physical as well as mental suffering, as man.

and death,
and funerals,
and partings,
and separations,
and losses,
and failures,
and disappointments,
and private family trials,
which no mortal eye sees, will break in upon us
from time to time; and we desperately need help
to meet them! Alas, where will our thirsty, wailing
hearts find such help–if we leave Christ?

The plain truth is, that nothing but an almighty
personal Friend
 will ever meet the legitimate
needs of man’s soul–with His daily help,
sympathy, and watchful care.

  ~  ~  ~  ~