We do not know where the road winds…we know where it ends!

Though we do not know where the road winds — we know where it ends! 
(Charles Spurgeon)
Life is ever changing. Who can tell what may come next? Today it is fair — the next day there may be the thundering storm. Today I may need nothing — tomorrow I may be like Jacob, with nothing but a stone for my pillow and the heavens for my curtains.

But what a happy thought it is: though we do not know where the road winds — we know where it ends!

We may have to go through trial and affliction; the pilgrimage may be a tiresome one — but it is safe. We cannot trace the river upon which we are sailing — but we know it ends in floods of bliss! We cannot track the roads — but we know that they all meet in the great metropolis of Heaven! God help us to pursue the true pilgrimage of a pious life! 

“He led them forth by the right way — that they might go to a city of habitation!” Psalm 107:7

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