My weary heart…

My weary heart…
From Spurgeon’s sermon,

Herein is a wisdom which must be more than equal
to all minor perplexities.
Hear this, then, O poor soul in suspense!
The Lord says, “I have redeemed you.”
I have already brought you out of the labyrinth in which
you were lost by sin, and therefore I will take you out of
the meshes of the net of temptation, and lead you through
the maze of trial.
I will bring the blind by a way that they know not,
and lead them in paths which they have not known.

We make our sorrows great under the vain idea
that they are too small for the Lord to notice.
I believe that our greatest miseries spring from
those little worries which we hesitate to bring to our
heavenly Father.

He that redeemed us never forgets us–
His wounds have graven us upon the palms of His
hands, and written our names deep in His side.
Jesus stoops to our level, for He stooped to bear
the cross to redeem us.

The Lord’s memory is toward the little in Israel.
He carries the lambs in His bosom.

Oh, how my weary heart prizes redeeming love!

Who gives us all things richly to enjoy…
“Who gives us richly all things to enjoy.” -1 Tim. 6:17

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  1. Hi aj….wonderful words of uplifting. Seeing God’s hand and His Spirit holding us and strengthening us in ALL our afflictions. What a comfort to know His promises are TRUE and ETERNAL.

    1. After some recent setbacks, this devotional has more meaning for me. You are so correct…His comfort , True and Eternal! Thanks for writing! aj

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