Is it possible?

Is it possible?

(by James Smith)

“The Lord delights in you!” Isaiah 62:4

Is it possible, that such poor, depraved, unworthy creatures — can be the objects of Jehovah’s delight? Yes! The infinite love of God has been fixed upon us from eternity! Because He loved and chose us, He sent His only-begotten Son to die for us! He sent His Holy Spirit into our hearts to regenerate us!

“You have loved them — AS You have loved Me!” John 17:23
Yes, the Father has loved us — just as He has loved Jesus — with an infinite love!

Every believer, though . . .
his faith is weak,
his fears are many,
his corruptions are strong,
his troubles are great, and
his temptations are sore —
is the object of Jehovah’s delight!

Let us therefore endeavor to pass through this day, yes, and every day — believing and realizing:
“I am Jehovah’s delight!
I am the object of His highest love!
I am the subject of His sweetest thoughts!
I am His portion for evermore!”

O incomparable privilege!

Wondrous source of comfort, holiness, and love!

​~  ~  ~  ~​

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