What dignity!

-Spurgeon, “The Sons of God”

Consider, I beg you, what a dignity God has
conferred upon you by making you his son.

The tall archangel before the throne is not called God’s son–
he is one of the most favored of his servants, but not God’s

I tell you, you ‘impoverished’ brother in Christ, there
is a dignity about you that even angels may well envy.
You in your poverty are as a sparkling jewel
in the darkness of the mine.

You in the midst of your ‘sickness and infirmity’ are girt about
with robes of glory, which make the spirits in heaven look
down upon the earth with awe.

You move about this world as a prince among the crowd!

The blood of heaven runs in your veins!
You are one of the blood royal of eternity–
a son of God, descendant of the King of kings!

~  ~  ~  ~