Your dear ones…


The following is adapted from Spurgeon’s,
“Gleanings Among the Sheaves”

Take care that you put all your dear ones into God’s hand.
You have put your own soul there, put their souls and bodies
likewise into His custody. You can trust Him for ‘temporals’ for
yourself, trust your ‘jewels’ with Him. Feel that they are not
your own, but that they are God’s loans to you — loans which are
called back at any moment. Your possessions are never so safe
as when you are willing to resign them, and you are never so rich
as when you put all you have into the hand of the Lord.

You shall find it greatly mitigates the sorrow of bereavements,
if before bereavement you shall have learned to surrender every
day all the things which are dearest to you into the keeping of
your gracious God.

~  ~  ~  ~