Easy Chicken Soup (crockpot)

Chicken Soup (crockpot)

takes 15 min. to prepare, 4-5 hrs cook time

w/Wild Rice or noodles or homemade dumplings


1 (or 2) boxes Chicken broth (I buy w/o MSG) PLUS addt’l filtered Water depending on crockpot size.

Several Tbsp of dry Chicken broth flavoring (I use Orrington Farms Broth Base b/c it is made w/real chicken and NO MSG. (You can use bouillon cubes IF you do not have MSG allergy). Adjust how much to add to taste and if sodium restrictions.

Pre-cut bagged Broccoli slaw (several handfulls depending on how much soup you are making) (the slaw is not bitter when it cooks)

Approx 10 pre-washed/pre-cut baby carrots cubed (for color and this sweetens the slaw). I have also used pre-packaged shredded carrots.

Add garlic powder, onion powder, celery seed, a little Mrs. Dash IF you have it (any seasonings that give you the flavor you want.) NOTE: Add some seasoning in the beginning but re-taste AFTER slaw and carrots have cooked down.

About 1 hour before serving, add 2 large cans of white meat chicken WITH THE BROTH (IF pieces are large break them apart) OR you can also add rotisserie chicken cut into med pieces or any left over chicken (white or dark). This recipe could also be used for left-over turkey.

½ hour before serving ADD:

1 large can of pre-cooked Wild Rice DRAINED (NOT uncooked white rice) OR

UNCOOKED noodles (regular egg or gluten free) (**the noodles will cook down and expand so be sure to leave enough room in your crockpot of broth. OR

Easy dumplings = Use Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits from refrig. Section and cut into cubes or quarter-size. (these will take approx 1 hr to cook in the broth…make sure they are cooked thoroughly and not chewy.) OR

For those who have asked for my Homemade Dumpling recipe (these will take longer and need to be added about 1 ½ HOURS b4 serving

6 Eggs (adjust # depending on your crockpot size…the dumplings will puff up quite significantly so don’t over do the amount…3 or 4 eggs may be enough!)

1 Tbsp Milk PER EGG (6 eggs=6 Tbsp) Note: almond milk does not work well but reconstituted powdered milk is great.

1 Tbsp Melted BUTTER PER EGG (6 eggs=6 Tbsp) Note: margarine does not work well

pinch or small amt of salt, maybe ¼ tsp.

Mix above thoroughly and then add Flour – until batter ‘plops’ (put small amt on teaspoon and wait till it plops off spoon…it should not be runny and NOT drip off spoon).

Take teaspoon and drop/plop small amounts into boiling broth (dumplings will greatly expand in size. Note: you may have to turn up crockpot temp to keep broth at slow boiling/simmer OR place crockpot on stove (if it can be used that way) so you can turn up the heat to keep broth boiling, otherwise dumplings will not cook). Test dumplings at approx 1 ¼ hour for doneness…they should NOT be chewy to be done. Typically they take 1 ½ hrs to cook…depending on the size of the dumpling.

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    1. You’re welcome! So many have asked for this b/c it is so simple to make and I frequently freeze it and give it away for people coming home after surgery…adjusting the sodium, if needed. It is always appreciated. 🙂 aj

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