Nothing to desire more…

(Letters of John Newton)

“Whom have I in heaven but You? And earth has nothing I desire besides You!” Psalm 73:25-26

There is nothing that I desire more, than frequent, lively, and heart-affecting views of Jesus; who was lifted up on the cross–that we, beholding Him by faith, might live…

Wonderful are the effects when a crucified, glorious Savior is presented . . .
by the power of the Spirit,
in the light of the Word,
to the eye of faith!

This sight of the crucified, glorious Savior . . .
destroys the love of sin,
heals the wounds of guilt,
softens the hard heart,
fills the soul with peace, love and joy,
and makes obedience practical, desirable and pleasant.

If we could see more of Him–we would look less at other things. …But, alas! Unbelief places a veil before our sight, and worldly-mindedness draws our eyes another way. Some vain hope, or vain fear, or vain delight–comes in like a black cloud and hides our Beloved from our eyes.

~  ~  ~  ~