All their concerns are upon His heart…

(Letters of William Romaine, 1714-1795)

His redeemed people are the object of His special care. They are all . . .
bought with His blood,
quickened by His Spirit,
kept by His power, and
blessed with His love.

All their concerns are upon His heart
. His eyes are upon them. He sees His people with perfect delight, and they shall lack nothing good that He has to give. He is managing all things temporal and spiritual for their good.

He does not, He cannot, make one mistake in His government; no, not the least.

He does all things well.

He is wisdom, He is love, He is omnipotence itself.

Infinite wisdom directs His love and sets it to work. Being Almighty, He makes all things work together for the best to His dear people.

~  ~  ~  ~

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