Look unto Me!

(James Smith, “The Pastor’s Morning Visit”)

Look unto Me!” Isaiah 45:22

A new morning opens upon us—and we are still exposed . . .
to sorrow,
to Satan, and
to disappointment!
— a thousand things are ready to distress us!

But our God says, “Look unto Me!”

Look unto Me . . .
as the source of happiness,
as the giver of grace,
as your Friend!

Look unto Me . . .
in every trial,
for all you need, and
in every circumstance.

Look unto Me TODAY, I have blessings to bestow! I am waiting to be gracious to you!

Believe that I am deeply interested in your present and eternal welfare!

Believe that I will perform—all I have promised!

Believe that I am with you—on purpose to bless you! I cannot be unconcerned about anything that affects you! I pledge Myself to make all things work together for your eternal good.

Now look unto Me ALONE!

Look unto Me FOR ALL!

Look unto Me!

~  ~  ~  ~

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