A sweet and precious truth…

(James Smith, “The Pleading Savior” 1861)

“I am glorified in them!” John 17:10

That is, I HAVE been glorified . . .
by their faith, for they have exercised confidence in Me;
by their choice, for they have left all and followed Me;
by their ministry, for they went where I sent them, and served as I directed them;
by their self-denial, for they have taken up their cross and have followed Me;
by their perseverance, for they have adhered to Me when others forsook Me;
by their holy character, for they have endeavored to imitate Me.

I SHALL be glorified . . .
in their full redemption and perfect salvation,
in their worship and services,
in their motives and actions,
by their undivided love and practical holiness!

Jesus gets glory by all that He does, or suffers, or procures for His people — and by all that they do and suffer for Him! This is a sweet and precious truth to the believer — full of comfort, and a source of the sweetest joy!

Jesus is glorified by all that He does for me — and by all that I do for Him!

Marvelous mystery! Glorious scheme! Worthy at once of the wisdom, majesty, and grace of God!

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