As though it had never been!

Child of God, soon, oh, how soon! all that now
loads your heart with care, and wrings it with
sorrow; all that dims your eye with tears, and
renders the day anxious and the night sleepless;
will be as though it had never been!

Emerging from . . .
the entanglement,as though it had never been
the dreariness,
the solitude,
the loneliness and
the temptations of the wilderness,
you shall enter upon  your everlasting rest,
your unfading inheritance, where there is . . .
no sorrow,
or declension,
no sin,
and no sunset,
no twilight,
and no evening shadows,
no midnight darkness,
but all is one perfect, cloudless, eternal day; for
Jesus is the joy, the light, and the glory thereof.

~  ~  ~  ~

God will never fail you!

(by Octavius Winslow)

What a source of joy you have in Jehovah
amid the joyless, sorrowful path you may tread.

There is everything in Him to make you
happy. Everything to win your confidence,
to inspire your love, to awaken your joy.

Creatures shall fail,
resources shall fail,
hopes shall fail, but
God will never fail you!

His love is as changeless,
and His power is as omnipotent,
His faithfulness is as firm,
and His resources are as boundless,

as infinite as His being.
~  ~  ~  ~

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