His infinite wisdom…

(John MacDuff, “Evening Incense” 1856)

“The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised!” Job 1:21

O my Father, let me feel, even amid the troubling changes of life, that what I am apt to call painful vicissitudes — are the sovereign allotments of Your infinite wisdom!

Let me rejoice that every bitter drop in the ‘cup of life’ is allowed by my Heavenly Father! Therefore may I submissively drink it, saying, “May Your will be done!”

What I cannot now comprehend — be it mine to wait the disclosures of that blessed morning when standing at the luminous portals of Heaven, I shall joyfully acknowledge that “You have done all things well!”

Therefore I look forward to that time when all Your inscrutable dealings will be unfolded when inner meanings and purposes now undiscerned by the eye of sense will be brought to light. Because all will be discovered to be full of infinite love! Other refuges may fail but I am as secure in You, as everlasting love and wisdom and power can make me!His infinite wisdom

Blessed Jesus! I would seek to cleave closer and closer to Your cross! Therefore may I follow You, O Lamb of God wherever You see fit to lead me. May I never feel as if I would wish one jot or tittle regarding me to be altered. When I see Ithe reins of universal empire are in Your hands!

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