Taking refuge in…

Mary Winslow, “Life in Jesus”)

When disappointed in the creature, I take
refuge at once in Jesus! I run to Him, and
find Him all my heart could wish!

Lord, how could I live without You?

You are . . .
my all in all,
my comfort,
my joy,
my peace,
my strengthener,
my home for time and eternity!

~  ~  ~  ~

2 responses to “Taking refuge in…

  1. AMEN aj….HE is ALL! Thank you for that reminder. When we truly come to that realization in our heart we know that there is nothing in or of this world we have to fear. Fear cannot exist in the same heart as FAITH!

    1. You are sooo correct and well stated…”Fear cannot exist in the same heart as FAITH” I love this statement. Thanks for sharing and putting into a nutshell the Truth of Faith. May it encourage all as we go through some tumultuous times. Thanks for writing! aj

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