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  1. Father we ask for YOUR perfect Truth be with us daily and YOUR perfect WORD to guide us in ALL things

  2. Dear Lord Please hear our prayer for Magda, David, and their children. We humbly ask for health and protection for them through the holy blood of Jesus. May your blessings and wealth be poured upon our family and all those who pray for this intention. Amen.

    1. Dear Lord, we lift this family to Your throne of grace and that You will draw them close to Your heart. Please provide for their every need and increase their faith as they look to You each day. May You be glorified in their lives. In the powerful name of Jesus!

  3. Father we bring this family before You. We place them under Your care and we place them in Your arms. We ask for Your daily blessing of protection and provision to cover them. We ask for Your Spirit to fill their hearts their minds and their lives each day. Let them know You are there with them this very moment. Cover them and keep them close and bless them with every Touch of Your hand and Your heart. We pray all these things in Jesus precious and perfect name amen!

  4. Pray for During the crisis, Thailand’s National Health Security Office lacks financial liquidity, resulting in an outstanding public debt of 600,355.00 USD, making treatment inconvenient for residents. Let us move past this catastrophe. Amen.

    1. Thank you for writing, Dominic, and asking for prayer! We have been praying and will continue!
      Dear Lord, we lift Thailand to Your throne of grace that they will have the dollars needed for medical treatments in this recent catastrophic earthquake. We pray that other nations will assist with medical needs and dollars to help Thailand’s people. We pray that all people will be found in the devastation! We also pray for family members who have lost loved-ones and for healing for those who have been injured. We pray for restoration dollars for their homes and businesses. May the people of Thailand turn to You, Lord, for their daily strength and needs and receive You as their Lord and Savior. In the powerful name of Jesus!

  5. Dominic…This response to your prayer request was posted under today’s devotional…I copy/pasted it for you here.

    What wonderful devotional words and blessing at this time of trouble in Taiwan aj. Without our GOD we have and can do nothing. But His perfect peace is our if we look UP not around.

    Father I bring all those in Taiwan before Your this day. I place them in Your arms and ask for Your perfect peace and protection for them thru this trial. Hold them close and bless those in need of healing and strength by Your touch this very moment. We pray all these things in Jesus precious and perfect name. Amen!

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