The Holy Spirit helps us

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“The Holy Spirit helps us in our distress.” Romans 8:26

You cannot live without the Holy Spirit!

There cannot be . . .
one heavenly aspiration,
one breathing of love,
one upward glance of faith
without His gracious influences.

Apart from Him, there is . . .
no preciousness in the Word,
or blessing in ordinances,
no permanent, sanctifying results in affliction.

The Holy Spirit . . .
directs His people to the waters of comfort,
gives new glory to the promises, and
invests the Savior’s character and work, with new loveliness and beauty.

Come, then, with your affliction!The Holy Spirit helps us\with your infirmity!

And with your need!

Come with your wounded spirit!

And with your broken heart!

Whatever, then, be your present situation, seek the promised help of the Holy Spirit.

He has a healing balm for all . . .
the weak,
the tempted,
the sick,
the sorrowing,
the bereaved,
the dying.

“The Holy Spirit helps us in our distress.” Romans 8:26

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Something to ponder
Octavius Winslow: “Christ is the Comfort–and the Holy Spirit is the Comforter, by whom the sympathy, and grace, and consolation of Christ is conveyed into our sad and disconsolate hearts.”
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