a gradual transformation

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“Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Colossians 1:27

“Christ lives in me.” Galatians 2:20a gradual transformation

Jesus Christ within us, will be made manifest. If we have this divine indwelling, we will also have an ever-increasing measure in all of our life–of the gentle and loving spirit of the Master. We should not claim to have Christ in us–if, in our conduct and speech, in our disposition and temper, and in our relations with our fellow-men, there is none of the mind and temper of Christ. If Christ truly is in us, He cannot long be hidden in our hearts, without manifestation. There will be a gradual transformation of our outer life, into Christ-likeness.

As He lived–so we will live;
and as He ministered to others–so we will minister;
as He was holy–so we will be holy;
and as He was patient, thoughtful, unselfish, gentle and kind–so will we be.

Christ came to our world to pour divine kindness on weary, needy, perishing human lives. Christ truly in our hearts–would send us out on the same mission. The world today needs nothing more than true Christ-likeness in those who bear Christ’s name and represent Him.

If we truly have Christ in our hearts, it will work out in transformed life and in Christly ministry; it will lead to the brightening of one little spot, at least, on this big earth.

There are a few people whom God calls to do great things for Him. The best that most of us can do in this world–is just to live out a real, simple, consecrated, Christian life in our allotted place. Thus, in our little measure, we shall repeat the life of Christ Himself, showing others some feeble reflection of His sweet and loving face, and doing in our poor way–a few of the beautiful things He would do if He were here Himself.

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