Cast all your cares“Fellowship with God” 1849)

Cast all your cares on Him–because He cares about you!” 1 Peter 5:7

“You keep track of all my sorrows and have collected all my tears in Your bottle. You have recorded each one in Your book.” Psalm 56:8

Jehovah is deeply interested in the welfare of all His people! He has  . . .
formed them for Himself,
redeemed them by the blood of Immanuel, and
new created them by the energy of the Comforter!

He is interested . . .cast all your cares
in all their needs,
and in their death!

Yes, there is nothing belonging to a believer, but what Jehovah is concerned about:
from their tiny trifles of today–to their ponderous concerns of eternity;
from their feeble flutterings of anxiousness–to the redemption of their immortal soul!
All and everything that concerns them–their heavenly Father is interested in, and concerned about!

O if the Lord’s family did but believe this, that the minutest thing that belongs to them, the least circumstance of their lives, and everything connected with that circumstance, is a matter of concern to Jehovah–how happy would they live, how cheerfully would they pass along the ‘journey of life’ and commit all to the keeping of their God!

The believer brings to the Lord his sins, trials, griefs, and woes–and the Lord bestows His pardon, riches, relief, and consolation!

Christian, what a thought is this!

Cast all your cares on the Lord–and He will sustain you!” Psalm 55:22

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