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Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me! But Instead of...something better

Many prayers which seem to be unanswered, are really answered. The blessing comes, but in a form we do not recognize. In lieu of the very thing we sought, something better is given!

The burden is not lifted away, but we are sustained beneath it.

We are not spared the suffering, but in the suffering we are brought nearer to God, and receive more of His grace.

The sorrow is not taken away, but is changed to joy.

Our ignorant prayers are taken into the hands of the great Intercessor, and are answered in ways far wiser than our thought!

Instead of earthly trifles–heavenly riches!

or things which our poor wisdom sought–things God’s infinite wisdom chose for us!

Instead of pleasure for a day–gain for eternity!

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Something to ponder
Faith upholds a Christian under all trials by assuring him:
that every dispensation is under the direction of his Lord;
that all chastisements are a token of His love;
that the season, measure, and continuance of his sufferings are appointed by Infinite Wisdom and designed to work for his everlasting good;
and that grace and strength shall be afforded him according to his need. John Newton

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