What a comforting truth

(From Winslow’s, “Christ’s Knowledge
of His People; Their Ignorance of Him”)
Our highest source of comfort lies,
not in our knowledge of Christ,
but in Christ’s knowledge of us.
We too imperfectly deal with Jesus personally.We too little bring our individual sorrows,
needs, and circumstances to Christ.And yet what a comforting truth is this, and
not comforting only, but deeply sanctifying:
Jesus knows me personally,
has my name on His heart,
Jesus has my position in His mind,
and has my circumstances in His eye,
Jesus is acquainted with my individual state in society,
with my trials, temptations, sorrows, and needs.

Such is His individual and discriminating knowledge;
He knows me as if I were the only one He owns and
acknowledges on earth!

Sweet truth is this!

If you retire to your chamber to brood in solitude
and silence over your lonely griefs, perhaps, with
the sad thought, “no one knows me, no one
sympathizes with me, no one is acquainted with
my case, I am like a sparrow alone on the house
top. I pray, sigh, and groan in lonely places,
and no one cares for my soul.”

Oh, beloved child of God, there is One who knows
you, knows your name, your position, your griefs,
your temptations, your loneliness, who says,
“I know their sorrows,” -it is Jesus.

Do you, Lord, care for me; think of me; love me?

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is like Yourself, Divine!

“The foundation of God stands fast, having
this seal, the Lord knows those who are His.”

Here is your comfort, your safety, and your hope:
Jesus knows you,What a comforting truth
is acquainted with you,
Jesus has His un-slumbering eye upon you.
You can be in no circumstance of sorrow,
of peril, of darkness, and of need, in which
Christ shall not know and recognize you as
His child, and most dearly beloved.

What a comforting truth to let the thought of Christ’s

knowledge of us be an ever present, ever abiding remembrance.
~  ~  ~  ~

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