Lord increase my faith

(Letters of John Newton)

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When I speak of walking with Jesus, my idea is helped by considering how it was with His first disciples–they lived in His presence! While He stayed in a place, they stayed; and when He moved, they went with Him. Having Him thus always near, always in view–the sight of Him undoubtedly gave a composure to their whole behavior; and was a check upon their eyes, their tongues, and their actions!

When they had hard questions upon their minds, they did not puzzle themselves with vain reasonings. And when in need, they looked to Him for a supply. When they had difficulties and dangers they little doubted of deliverance, knowing that He was with them.

Just so, I need a faith that shall have such an abiding, experimental conviction of His nearness and presence–as if I actually saw Him! “Lord, increase my faith!”

Surely, if He were now upon earth
and I expected a visit from Him this afternoon, my heart would bound at the thought! With what a mixture of joy and fear would I open the door to receive Him! How cautious would I be not to do or say anything that might grieve Him, and shorten His stay with me! And how gladly, if He gave me permission to speak, would I catch the opportunity of telling Him all my concerns! Lord increase my faith

Surely I would be unwilling to let Him go until He had healed the wounds in my soul, and renewed my spiritual strength; until He had taught me better how to serve Him, and promised to support me in His service. And if I heard Him say with an audible voice, “Though they fight against you they shall not prevail, for I am always with you to deliver you!” I would bid adieu to fear!

But, alas, my unbelieving heart! Are not these things true, even at present? Is He not as near and as kind? Have I not the same reasons and the same encouragement to set Him always before me–and to tell Him . . .
all my needs,
my fears, and
all my troubles
as if I saw Him with my bodily eyes!

“Be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age!” Matthew 28:20

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