How happy to have such views

(Letters of John Newton)

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The life of faith is a happy life. how happy to have such views

Though it is attended with conflicts there is an assurance of victory

If we sometimes get a wound there is healing balm near at hand.

If we seem to fall we are raised again.

And, if tribulations abound then consolations shall much more abound.

Is it not happiness to have . . .
an infallible Guide,
an invincible Guard,
an Almighty Friend?

It is bliss to be able to say of the Maker of heaven and earth, the Lord, “He is my Beloved, my Shepherd, my Savior and my Husband!

Oh, the peace which flows from believing . . .
that all the events in which we are concerned, are under God’s immediate disposal;
that the very hairs of our head are all numbered;
that He delights in our prosperity;
that there is a need-be, if we are in heaviness;
and that all things shall surely work together for our good!

How happy to have such views of God’s sovereignty, wisdom, love, and faithfulness enabling us to meet every difficult dispensation with submission; and to look through the painful changes of the present life–to that unchangeable inheritance to which the Lord is leading us; when all evil shall cease, and where our joy shall be perfect and eternal!

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