How well He knows every thorn

(Theodore Cuyler, “Beulah-Land or, Words of Cheer for Christian Pilgrims”)

“I am the Good Shepherd. I know My own sheep — and they know Me.” John 10:14

Jesus knows those who are His. He knows all about every one of them: their strong points — and their weak points; their besetting sins — and their graces.

The fact of Christ’s perfect knowledge of all our needs and requirements, throws great light on some dark providences. It explains some mysteries — why one of us is put up, and another is put down; why one is prospered, and another is impoverished.

Our blessed Master…commits no mistakes. When He takes an immortal soul under His loving care and into His training-school, He understands the character of each His pupils. He is a most forbearing and considerate of masters. He never lays on weak shoulders, the loads which only stalwarts can carry. All the while, too, how sweetly come the encouraging words, “I am with you always! My grace is sufficient for you! As your days — so your strength shall be.” He calls us not slaves — He calls us His friends.

How perfectly acquainted He is, too, with all our weaknesses! Because He knows our frame; He remembers that we are but dust. Here is great encouragement for penitent sinners. He quenches no smoking flax — He breaks no bruised reeds.How well He knows every thorn

The secret sorrow which I dare not breathe to the most intimate friend — I can freely unbosom to my Savior. How well He knows every thorn which pricks my foot, and every wound which trickles its silent drops from my bleeding soul! Therefore this is a wondrous encouragement to prayer. For my Physician will never administer the wrong medicine, nor fail to help us in the hour of sudden distress!

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