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“Do you have a father?” Genesis 44:19

Standing at my window one day, while the cholera was raging in London, I saw two corpses carried by, followed by one little child, walking alone next to the coffins, with a few neighbors behind. That child was now an orphan. Both parents had been carried off by the pestilence. The sight of that child produced deep emotions, and awakened painful sympathy in my heart.

I was led to think of the sorrows and privations of orphanhood, and then of the happiness of the Lord’s people to whom Jesus has said, “I will not leave you as orphans.” A believer can never be an orphan! He has an ever-living, ever-loving, ever-present Father! But many of the Lord’s people do not realize this, therefore they do not live and act under its influence.

There are believers who are always complaining of their circumstances:
they are worked too hard,
tried more than others,
have such a vexing family,
and have such a demanding job,
they have such financial losses,
and have no end of things to vex, harass, and distress them!


Complaining Christian, “Do you have a father?”

If so, had your Father anything to do with fixing your lot?
Did He place you where you are?
Is He wise?
And is He good?
Has He ever told you, that all things shall work together for your good?
Does He know what is best for you?

Has He left things to ‘chance’–or has He arranged all in His own infinite mind, and does He work all by His unerring providence? If He does, then are you justified in complaining?

Have you any real cause to complain?

Will it better your circumstances?

And will it please your Father?

Will it any way help you?


If not, leave off complaining, and “having food and clothing, let us be content with these!”

Seek grace from God, that you may . . .Seek grace from God
do all that is required,
bear all that is sent, and
endure all that is to be suffered,

to His glory!

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