Unsearchable riches

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“Unto you, therefore, who believe, He is precious!” 1 Peter 2:7

Christ is especially precious to believers when the emptiness of the world is discovered.
The soul having tried the world, has found it . . .
false and fickle,
an empty cistern,
a dry well,
a cloud without water,
only vanity and vexation of spirit!

The Christian has experienced that . . .
the world’s pleasures, end in pain,
its honors, end in disgrace,
and its wealth ends in absolute poverty.

Now turning from the world to Jesus, it finds . . .
solid happiness,
substantial pleasure,
full supplies.

It obtains . . .Unsearchable riches
a deep and lasting peace that passes all understanding,
unsearchable riches in Christ, and
honors that will never pass away.

O how precious is Jesus, when this world appears to be a valley of tears! Almost everything earthly is at times calculated to . . .
cause sorrow,
fill us with sadness,
and draw forth tears.
Losses, crosses, disappointments, and bereavements, all conspire to make us sad. Earth is to us a Valley of Achor, the place of trouble and sorrow.

Now turning to Jesus, we find a friend who loves at all times and a brother born for adversity.
He makes up for every loss,
He sanctifies every disappointment,
and He fills for us every relation.

His presence is . . .
like a flowing spring, in a dreary desert,
like a cheering fire, on a piercing winter’s night,
and like a happy home, to the exhausted traveler.

Oh, how precious is Jesus now!

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