His Sovereign grace

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“Why should any living man complain?” Lamentations 3:39

Occasionally I am tempted to complain about my hard lot, and think myself harshly dealt with. Ingratitude rises and works in my heart. This always makes me wretched. I then find it profitable to look down into Hell and realize its horrors and agonies as my just deservings.

If anyone ever deserved to go to Hell, I did!

Because If justice was ever honored in a sinner’s damnation, it would have been in mine!

If anyone was ever saved by grace alone, I am the man!

Shall I then, who deserve to be in Hell, but am not;
who am an heir of Heavenly glory, though no one ever deserved it less;
shall I, because of a few trials, troubles, and disappointments, or because I have rather a heavy cross to carry–dare to murmur, or fret, or complain, or think myself harshly dealt with?

Shocking inconsistency!

What are my present pains or sufferings, compared with the Hell that I deserve!

All the afflictions that I am called to endure here on earth, cannot be compared with only twenty-four hours in Hell! And yet my desert is, not to be in Hell for a few hours, but forever! Surely every lost soul, every damned spirit, will be ready to upbraid me if I complain of my present lot! What base gratitude if I do not praise the Lord with joyful lips, for His rich, free, and sovereign grace!

Whenever I am tempted to complain about my difficult lot, think of what would have been my eternal doom, if God had not saved me by His sovereign His Sovereign grace

Yes, I do find that looking down into Hell . . .
silences my complaints,
awakens my gratitude, and
humbles me in the dust before my God!
~  ~  ~  ~

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