His eye is upon you

(Mary Winslow, “Life in Jesus”)

Thus go to Jesus.

He is with you . . .
in all your concerns,
sorrows and
in all your joys.

His dear eye is ever upon you for good.His eye is upon you

He loved you with an everlasting love, and
with loving kindness drew you to Himself.

Veil no secrets from Him.

Keep an open heart with Christ.

If your love is cold, He will warm it.

And if your spirit is depressed, He will raise it.

If your corruptions are strong, He will subdue them.

The more often you come the more welcome you will be.

You cannot weary nor wear Him out!

~  ~  ~  ~

Everything here below is fleeting and transitory.

While journeying through this wilderness of
troubles, few verdant spots are to be found,
on which the weary traveler can repose.

The earth lies under the curse.

Thorns and thistles cover the ground.

Storms and tempests agitate the air.

Disease and death dissolve the dearest ties.

Everything around me bespeaks the Fall,
and testifies that this is not my rest. Why,
then, should my foolish heart repose itself
on any creature comfort? Have I still to
learn that all of this world is less than
nothing, and vanity?

“Oh! blessed Jesus, reveal yourself to my heart;
soften, melt, and renew it. Consume all the dross
which it contains, and transform it, wholly, after
your image; that, while surrounded by evils of
every name, and sorrows of every kind, which
abound in this rebellious, dying world, I may
enjoy the light of your countenance, and the
purifying influence of your love. Fill me with
your love; satiate my soul with your goodness;
and make me an everlasting trophy of your grace.”

~  ~  ~  ~

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