I am poor and needy

(J. C. Ryle, “The Gospel of John”)

“I am poor and needy; yet theI am poor and needy
Lord thinks upon me.” Psalm 40:17

Christ cares for all His believing people,
and never forgets them.  He knows
where they dwell, and what their trials are.

A book of remembrance is written for them.
Their tears are all in His bottle! Their names
are engraved on the palms of His hands.

He notices all they do for Him in this evil
world, though they think it not worth notice.

Let believers remember this.

In their worst estate they may boldly say
with David, “I am poor and needy; yet the

Lord thinks upon me.” Psalm 40:17
​~​  ~  ~  ~​

Spurgeon, “Jesus and the Lambs” No. 794.

The bosom, why that is the tenderest place,
where we should put a poor creature that
had a broken bone, and could not bear to
be roughly touched.

The bosom, that is the safest place. It
makes one wish to be always a lamb, if
one could always ride in that chariot.
Delightful is the weakness, which casts
us upon such gracious strength.

He carries the lambs in his bosom.
Why, that is the most honorable place.
We would not put into our bosom that which
was despised. We should not think of
carrying there anything which was not
choice and dear and exceedingly precious.

So, you shall have all the security
which the heart of Deity can give you, all
the comfort that the love of Christ can pour
upon you, all the honor and dignity which
nearness, and fellowship, and dearness of
love can bestow upon a poor mortal. Rejoice,
you lambs, that you have such a Shepherd
to carry you near his heart!

He carries the lambs in his bosom.

​~  ~  ~  ~

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