No words can express

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No words can ever express the gratitude we owe to Him who loved us even when we were dead in trespasses and sins.

The love of Jesus is unutterably precious, and worthy of daily praise.

No songs can ever fitly celebrate the triumphs of that salvation which He wrought single-handed on our behalf.

The work of Jesus is glorious beyond all comparison, and all the harps of angels fall short of its worthy honor.

We prize His bounty to us, but we worship HIM.

His gifts are valued, but He Himself is adored.

While we contemplate with mingled feelings of awe, admiration, and thankfulness–His atonement, His resurrection, His glory in Heaven, and His second coming–still it is Christ Himself, stupendous in His dignity as the Son of God, and superbly beautiful as the Son of man, who sheds an incomparable charm on all those wonderful achievements, wherein His might and His merit, His goodness and His grace appear so conspicuous.

For HIM let our choicest spices be reserved; and to HIM let our sweetest anthems be raised.

Our choicest ointment must be poured upon His head; and for His own self alone our most costly alabaster boxes must be broken.

“He is altogether lovely.”No words can express

Not only is . . .
His teaching attractive,
doctrine persuasive,
life irreproachable,
His character enchanting, and
His work a self-denying labor for the common good of all His people,
but He Himself is altogether lovely!

Do not look for anything lovely outside of Jesus, for He has all the loveliness.

All perfections are in Him making up one consummate perfection. And all the loveliness which is to be seen elsewhere, is but a reflection of His own unrivaled charms.

Jesus is the monopolizer of all loveliness and
of all that is admirable in the entire universe!

“Yes, He is altogether lovely! This is my Beloved, and this is my Friend!” Song of Songs 5:16

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