Provisions of the Gospel

(from Winslow’s, “The Glory of Christ in Heaven”)

It is splendid when we are led by the Eternal Spirit
into a heartfelt acquaintance with the riches and
fullness of the gospel. There is no spiritual need
of the soul which the provisions of the Gospel ofProvisions of the Gospel
Jesus do not meet….
for our wounds it is a balm;
and for our fears it is a cordial;
for our battles it is an armor;
and for our soul’s hunger and thirst it is manna
from heaven and water from the Rock.

“O Lord, we bless You for the Gospel! It is a
feast of fat things, a mine of inexhaustible
wealth, a spring of all consolation, a good
and pleasant land, bathed in the sunshine
and laden with the fruit of eternal summer.”

O beloved, into what a rich, spiritual condition
Jesus brings us when He brings us into experimental
acquaintance with Himself! Oh, to know Jesus;
to have the least degree of a spiritual, a heartfelt
acquaintance with Christ; a full Christ, a present
Christ, a compassionate Christ, a powerful Christ;
is what an angel’s tongue never can unfold!

But, beloved, we would have you know into what
spiritual wealth, bounty, and peace you are brought
when in the least degree you are enabled to realize
what Christ is to you.

Do you, amid life’s trials and earth’s cares,
consider the possessions you have in Jesus?
What a Savior!

What a loving heart loves you!
And What a sleepless eye watches over you!
What a full hand supplies you!
And What a present help in every time of need!
​~  ~  ~  ~​

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